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Hi, I'm Dario, a passionate software engineer and trainer.
I work at Webrain, this blog is where I write about software.

Renaming pictures with Elixir and Mix.install

Renaming a collection of pictures by the date they were taken, with Elixir 1.12 and Mix.install.


How to setup a Phoenix and Clojurescript project

A guide about setting up a project with Elixir, using the Phoenix Framework, and Clojurescript, using shadow-cljs.

Setup a Gitlab CI pipeline for your Elixir project

An example implementation of a Gitlab CI pipeline for Elixir projects, with focus on isolation and explicitness.

Faster command line searches with fzf

Searching for past commands in your shell is tedius? Commands autocompletion is slow? In this post we try to solve these problems using fzf.


Fast text search in files using The Silver Searcher

Searching for text in files? grep is fine, but there are more practical and efficient solutions for programmers. Make faster command-line search in files using The Silver Searcher.

What profiling my Universal React-Redux app revealed

Have you ever had performance issues in your React-Redux app? In this story you will learn how to look for them using the Chrome Developers Tools.

Handling newlines with React

Handling newlines in React and JSX is tricky because they are usually not rendered as you expect. In this post I will outline some techniques to solve your issues and make them work again.


End-to-end testing on a React-Redux app

How can you perform end-to-end testing on a React-Redux app? In this post I will show a full end-to-end approach that gives you the confidence of hitting your api layer without sacrifying reliability.

React and JSS: tips from a one-year journey

CSS in JS is a thing, and it actually works well. This post collects tips from an year long journey using React and JSS.

First steps with Clojurescript

Getting started with Clojurescript can be confusing as the ecosystem is fragmented. In this post I collected some of the things you need to know to get started.

Modules and named functions in Elixir

In object oriented programming languages the main code organization construct is classes. In functional programming languages their place is taken by modules. In this post we will see how modules and named functions work in Elixir.

Immutability in Elixir

Functional programming languages often have immutability between their characteristics. But what does that means in practice? In this post I will talk about immutability in the context of Elixir.