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Renaming pictures with Elixir and Mix.install

Renaming a collection of pictures by the date they were taken, with Elixir 1.12 and Mix.install.


How to setup a Phoenix and Clojurescript project

A guide about setting up a project with Elixir, using the Phoenix Framework, and Clojurescript, using shadow-cljs.

Setup a Gitlab CI pipeline for your Elixir project

An example implementation of a Gitlab CI pipeline for Elixir projects, with focus on isolation and explicitness.

Modules and named functions in Elixir

In object oriented programming languages the main code organization construct is classes. In functional programming languages their place is taken by modules. In this post we will see how modules and named functions work in Elixir.

Immutability in Elixir

Functional programming languages often have immutability between their characteristics. But what does that means in practice? In this post I will talk about immutability in the context of Elixir.